Kirsty Black

"My Release of Dissatisfaction"

Imagine somebody coming over to you and then, trying to take away something very important to you...however, you let them? And that wouldn’t even be the worst part. The worst part would be that, it was a normal, everyday occurrence?

Well, I didn’t have to imagine that, because I was that person being stolen from.

When I was slightly younger, I let certain people knock, tear and break my self esteem, but, being shy, I felt I couldn’t stand up for myself, so I accepted the confidence-killing words, that had suddenly become all too typical, and as a result, I hated my appearance. Let me tell you, it wasn’t fun being forced to go into school each day, fighting and crying because I didn’t want to be seen, in case another callous comment was headed my way. Unfortunately, these comments or messages find their way to all of you. And I’d do anything to stop people feeling the same way I once did about myself.

Because, I now know, after growing, building back my self esteem and surrounding myself with advice from friends to watching amazing body loving influences such as Gok Wan, how it feels to be completely comfortable with myself and not even to bat an eyelid if I hear something negative towards me.

And the way it gets to others, is through the media, who’d say airbrushing an already gorgeous models bit of cellulite, is harmless...when in fact, it’s affecting everybody’s perceptions of beauty and distorting our minds into thinking there is only one version of beauty, when actually, it’s all around us and in everybody.

I’ve turned my so called “flaws” and parts of my body I used to hate, into parts I love and wouldn’t be me without.

SO WHAT if I’ve got stretch marks? SO WHAT if I’ve not got super skinny legs? SO WHAT if my lips aren’t anything like Angelina Jolie’s or if I have pale skin?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, no one has to be sorry for themselves or that they don’t reach a stupid standard of beauty the models the media are using cannot even reach.

It’s time to take a stand and tell yourself you’re amazing, no matter what anyone says! It’s time to stop pointing out the negatives in other people and start to change the way the media is trying to shape our present days perception of what you should look like, and time to focus on, what we do look like and enjoy it, because we have to live with ourselves forever and going out and loving yourself is so important.

So do it! Tell yourself you’re beautiful because you are."