What is Body Gossip on Tour?

Body Gossip on Tour (BGoT) is when University students write, direct and perform in their very own Body Gossip theatre shows.

Reflecting the central Body Gossip campaign, BGoT challenges common perceptions of body image, promoting the recognition and acceptance of natural beauty. The objective of BGoT is to encourage students to think and talk more openly about their bodies, so that they can worry less about their body image in future. Many young people consider their bodies to be inadequate. Body Gossip on Tour is challenging this head on!

BGoT involves running a writing competition to gather a truthful picture of how students at the university view themselves and their bodies. A selection of this material is then used as the script for a theatre production on body image, a fantastic way to use the craft of theatre to reach out and touch society.

The subject of body image appeals to a great many people. It is rare to find a student who has nothing to say about their body. Body Gossip provides a platform for students to be able to consider and share their thoughts and feelings.