Body Gossip on Tour

What is Body Gossip on Tour?

Body Gossip on Tour (BGoT) is when University students write, direct and perform in their very own Body Gossip theatre shows.

BGoT Background

The first BGoT event was held at Bath Spa University in April 2011 and united both past and present students. The performance welcomed 49 audience members and raised £139 for charity.

After the show audience members wrote down their own body gossip, and were also able to benefit from a range of related information that was available.

The performances were later filmed and are available to view on the Body Gossip YouTube channel. Body Gossip Bath went on to win Campaign of the Year 2010/11 at Bath Spa University

What is involved in hosting a Body Gossip on Tour event?

If you would like to take the reigns of a Body Gossip on Tour event we will be with you every step of the way. We have developed resources to guide you step by step.

What will you gain from hosting a Body Gossip on Tour event?

  • Sense of achievement and personal fulfilment to see the performance develop from planning to reality

  • Fantastic way to meet new people and become united under a common aspiration

  • Assist performers and audience members in gaining new insights into the issues and stigmas related to body image

  • Innovative experiences to cite on your resume: leadership, communication, initiative, creativity, time management, teamwork

BGoT Testimonials

“As a writer having the chance to express myself so honestly was a wonderful experience.” 

“It was great to see a group of people so passionate about something so overlooked, and being able to start promoting the awareness it needs. It was an honour to be involved, and I hope it will happen again in the future to reach more and more people.”

“If I had the opportunity again, I would definitely get involved with Body Gossip because it is a fabulous, life-affirming campaign!”

“I found it weirdly reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one, even at my university, to not be 100% happy about how they looked.”

“I had so much fun rehearsing and putting on the show and I met so many lovely new people. It is an experience that I think everyone should have and I am so so glad I was involved with the project. I was very sad when it ended.”

“Several audience members came to me after the show in tears saying that they could really relate to the performances and that they finally felt they could express themselves. This to me was the most rewarding part of the whole experience, touching people’s hearts and letting them know that they aren’t alone.”