Testimonials from Students

"As someone who has struggled with maintaining a positive body image for a while now I found your talk incredibly inspiring. And whilst I'm fortunate enough not to suffer from an actual eating disorder, your talk made me realise that I can change the way I view myself and that I don't need to become this perfect idea that is unachievable, so I just wanted to say thank you for today". OW, 17

"I cannot tell you how much it means to me for you to bring up subjects that have not previously been discussed at my school. Going to an all girls school, it is obvious how much pressure each and every girl puts on themselves to reach perfection not only academically, but also to do with their appearance. Until this afternoon, I had hardly every heard a girl say something she liked about her appearance. Sitting in the common room, all you hear is girls complaining about themselves and worst of all, other girls' looks. However, after your talk today, the only conversation in the common room was people talking about what they love about themselves. It was so refreshing to hear and made me hope that this will carry on and you will continue to change other girls (and boys) lives across the country. So thank you for that!".  AR, 16

"Today I found the session very inspirational. It was interesting how Natasha explained her past and how she found ways to fly past it . Also knowing that Body Gossip makes people believe that they are good enough the way they are instead changing everything to be someone they're not". AP, 15

"I have literally just got back to my room after attending one of your Body Gossip workshops and all I can think to do is to e-mail you expressing how amazing I think you and the workshops are. You are truly inspiring and not only through your personal experiences but also how you relate them to others and are using them to really change peoples perspectives about body image. Although I would consider my life to be relatively drama free, Uni can definitely be a stressful place sometimes, and you reminded me how important it is to stay positive on what had up until then been a rather rubbish day!" M, Student University of Nottingham

"Natasha from Body Gossip was bloomin' lovely. She was funny and laid back and didn't sound all 'woe is me' when she talked about having had Bulimia. She didn't go on about how ill she had been or sensationalise it or anything. Wonderfully she did not mention weight. (The kind of thing that makes me go 'oh well I'm not THAT ill, I must be fine, I can't get help')", University Student, currently suffering from an Eating Disorder

"I just wanted to say that other than the fact that you were ridiculously funny your talk was also really inspirational so thankyou :)" NL, 14

"You were the talk of my year group for the rest of the day. Everyone loved your talk - quite frankly, you're the best speaker we've ever had in!" Matt, 15

"Your talk in our school was amazing and you're so funny, I was constantly laughing, you're brilliant Natasha Devon!" Brendon, 15

"You were brilliant today and you are a great role model" Lizzie, 16

"It showed me anyone with an eating disorder can overcome their illness" MV, 16

"Natasha told us about her so it hit you more because it's ok having someone explaining something but if they've never been through it they have no right telling you what's right and wrong....She was amazing at making people realise [eating disorders] are dangeous. Get her back next year for the other groups I say!" DA, 16

"You learned to accept yourself the way you are" ZS, 15

"I enjoyed the workshop because it was from personal experience" NH, 15

"We learned that you dont have to lose weight in certain industries just because they want you to" JP, 15

"Really good, worth an hour of my life" HF, 15