Feedback from teachers & families

"I just wanted to comment on how good I thought this session was yesterday! My students also thought it was great – Natasha was down-to-earth, inspiring, open, honest and informative.  I think we all took a lot away from the session and we continued to talk about it for the last 15 minutes of the hour" - Tutor, Chelmsford College

"Informative, inspirational, entertaining" - Alison Lecky, Head of PSHE, Hertfordshire & Essex High School

"My younger sister [was taught Gossip School], and I could not be more proud of her for dealing with her eating disorder, and I could not thank Natasha Devon more for how she helped my sister to deal with it in a way that no one else could. I think this is a fantastic programme and so many youngsters will benefit from it. I am backing it 100% and I feel that everyone should back this, be it for their grandchildren, children, younger brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, or even the girl who lives next door, because we have all felt insecure at some point in our lives, and we all know how awful that feeling is, and if we can help younger generations to extinguish these feelings, perhaps we will be shaping a better, brighter future for everyone" - Grace Foulkes, Sister

"The college is actively engaged with the 'every learner matters' agenda and the framework for excellence, so we're particularly proud to be associated with this extremely innovative and positive campaign. Students studying on a variety of courses such as fashion, music, hair, beauty, graphics and photography for example will be helping in the future to shape the attitudes and beliefs of our whole society, so for the creative academies we're fully supportive of the work of  Natasha Devon and Body Gossip in raising these issues at the first opportunity" - Andy Ginn, Director of Creative Academies, Gloucestershire College

"Natasha's session was brilliant, thought provoking and fun. Natasha spoke with passion and insight and encouraged students to value themselves and each other and to question media stereotypes. Natasha shared her moving experiences with an appreciative audience and was able to relate to the students superbly. The students really appreicated Natasha's presentation that was very serious and emotional. Natasha was able to build good will and feeling in this group of 150 with a great sense of humour. Many students at the end of the Citizenship and RS session said it was the best of the year so far and clearly Natasha had inspired them to be better and more caring people" - Simon Etheridge, Head of PSHE, Bishop’s Stortford High School