Your Stories

Body Gossip invites you to write your body story and share it with us. Here are some stories to inspire you!

Jackie Tanner

"The Mirror Never Lies….or does it?"

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

Who is that woman staring back at me?

Am I happy, content, a picture of health.

Or a pitiful... More...

Nick Watts

"Changing your Perception"

In the words of a famous song “every day I fight a war against the mirror”……..

That phrase used to be very true of me, and in the space of a few years here I am now,... More...

Kyle Inducil

"Shakespearian Sonnet: Amateur Chef Forsakes a Treadmill"
to run and run on a conveyor belt
and make of body a commodity
re make oneself into what mirror felt
re shape oneself out of an oddity... More...


"I have two bodies"

I have two bodies. Not literally- that would be weird. But I have two bodies all the same. I have an old body, embarrassed of itself, hiding away under baggy clothes and trying to... More...

Sarah Wallace

"My Story"

This is me. This is my story. It isn’t perfect because, let’s face it, I’m not perfect- nobody is. But there was a time when I thought I could be…

Lonely, lost, laughable. I was an... More...

Athena Stevens

I wear the top button of my jeans unbuttoned at all times. For most women, this would make me a slut, but in my case it just makes me pathetic. Today, I have funky red hair, I’m 5’ 2”,... More...