The Body Gossip Performance Project supported by Bio Oil

The Body Gossip Performance Project is a groundbreaking workshop that combines creative writing and live theatre to work with Years 7-9 students in an exploration of positive body image.

Co-designed by Body Gossip Founder Ruth Rogers and Canadian Applied theatre artist Francine Dulong (MA Applied Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama), the workshop encourages both young people and adults to be the best version of themselves.

This project was made possible by sponsorship from skin treatment oil Bio-Oil in 2015.

The Body Gossip Performance Project: a groundbreaking theatre in education programme

Designed for 11-14 year olds with 3 key benefits:
1. Kick-starts collaboration and teamwork
2. Aligns with PSHE curriculum and well-being
3. Boosts performances and public speaking skills

Body Gossip has been empowering real body thoughts and stories in live theatre performances since 2009, and has seen first hand the cathartic and empowering benefits of theatrically celebrating the thousands of ways to be gorgeous.

We have developed this project for 11-14 year olds that will inspire thousands of young people to be the best version of themselves, encouraging them to be able to fulfil their potential in life, free from body shame.

How can you get the Body Gossip Performance Project at your school?

You can get the Body Gossip Performance Project at your school!

How does it work?
1. Prior to the workshop, the students watch a 5 min introductory video and complete an annonymous creative writing task provided by our facilitator
2. The student’s creative writing is then sent to our facilitator who will edit them into original scripts
3. The interactive day takes place with performance warm ups, drama exercises focused on combatting stereotypes, wellbeing and body confidence, culminating in a final sharing of the original scripts!

- Each workshop runs 90mins

- Designed for 30 to 40 students per workshop (with one teacher assistant, over 30 students drama teacher preferable)


Please get in touch with Francine for individual quotes.  Sponsorships are available for lower income schools.

£350 for up to 2 workshops + potential accomodation costs if you are more than a 3hour train from London.

You can contact Francine at Body Gossip by filling in the form here.

Testimonials: what's the feedback?

The feedback from the Body Gossip Performance Project illustrates its positive benefits:

“Before this workshop, I was quite embarrassed about my body, and after the workshop I am so happy to have this body because the beauty is defined by the size of your heart." - Bishop Stortford College Year 9

“I think this workshop is really inspirational. I realized there is a lot more to beauty than perfect features" - Bishops Stortford College Year 9

“Your body is your home. Be yourself, because if you weren't yourself, where else would you live?!” - Partington PlayersYouth Theatre

"Some people put others down to be cool with their friends, but why would you be mean to make friends? I learned that there are other things you can do to make friends instead of being mean” - Orange Tree Youth Theatre

"Well worth it, and would recommend it." - Wendy Sharman, Assistant Senior Teacher, Bishops Stortford College