Susie Orbach
Friday 9th March 2012

We've just read Susie Orbach's speech she made at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Typically, it is searingly intelligent, passionate and informed.

Read Susie Orbach's speech here.  Want more? Read her Huffington Post review here.

She talks about how Western women are preyed upon by the very beauty industries they so worship.

Ruth may be doing something quite silly - photographing my tummy for Twitter in an attempt to love its natural shape. 

But I read Susie's speech, and I realise that I'm doing something bigger than that - I'm defying the pressures to conform to an image of 'perfection' that is coming at me from all angles.  I'm saying 'No, this is my natural shape, I'm proud of it' - it feels great, it really does, and when I realised I'm joining Susie Orbach in her values, that made it feel even better.

I urge you to give it a go - join the #BodyGossipCyberMarch - love the bits that make you unique.  Refuse to conform.

Ruth x