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Tuesday 27th May 2014

Body Gossip campaigns through Education and the Arts to empower every body, and to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves by rocking their own brand of gorgeous.

Last week, Tash delivered our self-esteem classes in Cardiff. We are excited to report the incredibly positive feedback she received, which prove the power of self-esteem education, and why it should be included on the curriculum.

Natasha and the Body Gossip Education Programme spent a full week in Cardiff funded by 'Cardiff Against Bullying' working with year 9s and 10s of both genders throughout the city.

The schools were -

Fitzalan High School

Corpus Christi

Llanishen High School

Radyr High School

She worked with 645 students in total.

97 percent said it improved their understanding of body image

94 percent said it made them feel better about their bodies

Here are some of the comments we got on the evaluation forms too -

'I liked the way it was presented to us, it was really relatable'

'It was funtastic'

'Thank you for coming you have helped me to be more confident in accepting who I am'.

'It showed me there's no such thing as an ideal body. Your body is yours and you can do what you want with it'.

'This workshop helped me to focus on the good instead of the bad'

'The presenter was a brilliant, inspiring and supportive person'.

'Can I see this session again?'


Please help us reach more young people with self-esteem education.  Sign our petition to get PSHE funded for State Schools.

Success stories
Success stories
Success stories
Success stories