Stocking Filler
Sunday 14th October 2012

As we have been stomping around North East London we have noticed fairy lights and Christmas Carols are making their 2012 debut.

We're sure that the more organised of you Body Gossip Supportin' Peeps will already be turning your minds to Christmas gifts, and what could be a more thoroughly joyous stocking filler than the inspirational thoughts, opinions and stories of the nation, lovingly presented in book form. Yes, we are talking about the BODY GOSSIP BOOK.

We published the Body Gossip Book in September.

And it's a Book that will make everyone in your family feel amazing about being them.

Mum will love our chapter 'Ageing Gracefully' in which beautiful women in their 40s, 50s and 60s celebrate their wrinkles!

Dad can read the 'Men' chapter and re-assure himself that he's not alone in having the odd body image-related musing!

Your Brother can play 'Spot the Naked Body Part' by studying our range of un-airbrushed pictures on the cover and throughout the book (spot BodyGossipTash's boobs and BodyGossipRuth's bum... cheeky.)

Your Sister will adore you forever for bringing into her life the collective wisdom of a nation.

Everyone needs to read this book! And it's your duty to buy it for them - yes we are talking to YOU!

From your two Body Gossip Christmas Elves, Natasha and Ruth x


Or 'ERE.

Or, in fact, 'ERE on KINDLE!

Ho Ho Ho.