#Natural Day with Sanah Jivani 13th Feb
Wednesday 28th January 2015

After losing all of her hair to Alopecia in the seventh grade, 17 year old Sanah Jivani from Houston, Texas lost all hope in herself.

She turned to wigs, self-harm and self-hate. When she hit an all time low, she knew she had to turn her life around. The summer before her freshman year, she posted a video of herself going without her wig and realized the power that came with accepting yourself.

It hurt Sanah to realize that other people still struggle with this self-acceptance. So she took that hurt and turned it into positive energy and created a non-profit and International Natural Day, which takes place every year on February 13th.

On Natural Day, Sanah challenges girls and boys all around the world to let go of the one thing that holds them back (Wigs, make-up, a past experience).

Natural Day is now present in 28 countries through "#NaturalDay" and 11 schools around the globe, and Sanah can't wait to see it expand.

It's truly become an international movement and Sanah presents it at schools, conferences and rotary clubs around the nation.

We are supporting Sanah on #NaturalDay - which is Friday 13th February 2015. We'll be encouraging the Body Gossip community to share with us, and the world, what it is that is holding them back - and their pledges to let these go for #NaturalDay.

Please join us, and Sanah - she really is inspirational.

Sanah Jivani
Sanah Jivani
Sanah Jivani
Sanah Jivani

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