Hope with Eating Disorders
Friday 30th March 2012

We’re so proud of our friend Lynn Crilly here at Body Gossip. Tomorrow her book ‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ will hit the shelves.

The book is a guide for parents, friends, siblings, teachers and extended family – It’s for anyone who is worried about someone they love and thinks, or knows, that they have an eating disorder. It has a guide to a wide range of therapies, plus some really interesting chapters like “eating disorders and social networking” and “men get eating disorders too”.

Like Body Gossip, Lynn Crilly believes that body image issues are something which can affect ANYONE. We’re careful not to exclude anyone from the Body Gossip debate (because everyone has a body!) and we’re pleased to see that ‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ does the same – showing that eating disorders are not just the remit of teenage girls (although it talks about them too).
So often at Body Gossip we’re approached by people who are worried about a friend or family member and they ask us what they should do – Now we can advise them to get this book!
We’re also pleased that a donation from each book sold will be split between Body Gossip and Gossip School.

If you’d like to get your mitts on a copy of this book, you can order via Lynn’s website.