Cerrie on the Wright Stuff
Sunday 11th September 2011

I'm sat here typing this as the wonderful Cerrie Burnell, presenter of CBeebies, talks to Gabby Logan about Body Gossip - and her own personal reasons for being involved.

We've been really lucky recently to have our wonderful celebrity ambassadors talk about Body Gossip on TV and in newspapers and magazines - Nikki Grahame spoke to The Sun about Body Gossip a few weeks ago, Zaraah Abrahams chatted Body Gossip to Matthew Wright on last week's The Wright Stuff, and today Cerrie spoke candidly about the campaign and why she's involved - we're so lucky to have so many amazing supporters!

And Cerrie mentioned a couple of things about our campaign that, if you saw her on TV this morning, you may want to hear more about:

The Body Gossip Book: We are looking for more stories for the Body Gossip Book - and we'd love to hear from YOU! You don't need to be a writer, all we ask is that you write something honest and open about your thoughts about your body. Jermain Defoe has written his, so has Terri Dwyer. Gok Wan has written the foreword! So come on, send us your story for the Body Gossip Book!

Gossip School: Body Gossip's Natasha Devon teaches Body Confidence in schools and colleges.  In fact she even taught Body Confidence alongside Gok Wan outside the Houses of Parliament! Would you like her to visit your school? Email her at natasha@bodygossip.org!

And Follow us on Twitter: @_BodyGossip and @BodyGossipRuth @BodyGossipTash - and Like us on facebook.

Thanks for reading about us - and tell your friends about Body Gossip!

Ruth x


Cerrie Burnell on The Wright Stuff
Cerrie Burnell on The Wright Stuff
Cerrie Burnell on The Wright Stuff
Cerrie Burnell on The Wright Stuff