Advent Challenge
Saturday 1st December 2012

Nick and Sarah's Body Image Advent Challenge.

Body Gossip is incredibly lucky to work with two super people. They are Sarah Fullager and Nick Watts from the charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too.

As well as being heroes, they're also the type of people who must freeze time, and when time is frozen for the rest of us, they set about being mega productive.

This Advent, while we're opening cardboard windows hiding plastic chocolate and panic-buying on Amazon, Nick and Sarah are going to be running around their various locales (Bristol and Oxford, and London when we lure them here) getting YOU to share your views on body image topics.

They have 23 topics, with a new topic every single day until 23rd December.  Then on Christmas Eve, Nick and Sarah will post their own film with their thoughts on the challenge.


But how, I hear you wonder.

Here's how:

1) Check out Nick and Sarah's Body Image Advent Challenge website.

2) Look at the topics listed there. Do you have something to say about them? (Errrrrrr, of course you do, that's why you love Body Gossip )

3) Make your own video blog and upload it to YouTube and tag Body Image Advent, or email us the link:

4) Then, PLEASE DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGNS! Because both MGEDT and Body Gossip are doing brilliant work making sure that body confidence is increasing all over the UK.

5) Tweet, facebook and blog about our progress - and if you're a TV person, invite us on your chat show so we can talk LOADS about it!

Merry Advent everyone, and GO GO GO, GET GOSSIPING!

Ruth x

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