Body Gossip Ruth
Thursday 18th March 2021
Januhairy and Body Gossip
Sunday 13th January 2019

Januhairy is a project that encourages women to grow out and share photos of their body hair for the month of January, and we are thrilled to be the charity it is supporting.

BodyGossipRuth & drama facilitator Francine at Thomas Cowley School in Lincolnshire for the Body Gossip Performance Project
Thursday 23rd July 2015

We've joined forces with skin treatment oil Bio Oil to create a brand new body image drama session for secondary schools - using live theatre exercises, the cathartic process of creative writing, and the power of our own stories to encourage and reassure us.

Body Gossip body image charity performs live show at The Canvas, London's first Happy Cafe
Friday 8th May 2015

We live in a world where our body image is constantly scrutinised and commodified. The Body Gossip Arts Programme empowers real body stories in live theatre events and short films. This month, a brand new Body Gossip theatre piece, devised by MA students from Central School of Speech and Drama, is premiering in East London.

I am a staunch advocate and supporter of all Body Gossip is trying to do because I know how many people’s lives are ruined, or at the very least, diminished by their own detrimental self-image.

Anne Diamond

The Book

Real people's body stories with a foreword by Gok Wan