Gossip School
Saturday 20th October 2012

This week, BodyGossipTash has toured the UK, talking our Body Gossip Education Programme ‘Gossip School’ to teenagers throughout Britain.

This was her schedule (wait for it):

  • Saturday – Cheltenham
  • Monday – Perthshire (that’s Scotland, geographically challenged people)
  • Tuesday – Worcestershire
  • Wednesday – Cambridge
  • Thursday – Kent
  • Friday – Newport, Wales.
Here are just a few of the things Tash’s teens twittered this week:
  • @bodygossiptash I really enjoyed your talk, you're so inspirational, thank you so much!xx
  • Just watched @BodyGossipTash's presentation! So inspirational and gorgeous inside and outttt :-
  • @BodyGossipTash our group is trying to go to other schools now to do the same as you, amazing to hear you speak! You've inspired us all x
  • @BodyGossipTash you're such an inspiring & funny person. really opened my eyes today. thanks pal xx

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have inspired teenagers and made them enthusiastic about the ways Body Gossip is campaigning for social change.

Body Gossip is all about broadening our understanding of what is normal, acceptable and attractive and the generation currently in their teens - tomorrow’s copywriters, editors, politicians, scientists, designers and producers - will be crucial in ensuring that continues to happen. It’s up to young people to take a stand as beauty paradigms become more and more extreme and absurd.

This week, Gossip School has now taught self-esteem to over 13,000 teenagers. Tash finished the week by presenting to young Welsh women at the incredible ‘Keeping it Real’ conference in Newport, organised by the amazing Nikki Giant of Full Circle.

Tash on tour
Tash on tour

Tash on tour
Tash on tour