Body Gossip & the Self Esteem Team

The Self-Esteem Team have developed an award winning education programme for Body Gossip, which they deliver in secondary schools all over the UK

These classes have been endorsed by Gok Wan, and form part of the Self Esteem Team's wide selection of classes in mental health and self esteem.

"This is exactly what the UK is crying out for!  This will help body confidence and self-esteem get back into the public eye, but more importantly get directly to the people who really matter- the youth of this country!

Between 13 and 18  years old we all make such important decisions that will go on to affect our entire lives, this will really give them a platform to get there with confidence!"

- Gok Wan

To book the Body Gossip Education Programme please visit the Self-Esteem Team website.  Alternatively, you can contact Natasha Devon through her website, call on 07879 468882 or email

What is The Body Gossip Education Programme?

The Body Gossip Education Programme is a multi-award winning self-esteem class aimed at teenagers aged 13-18 of both genders. It is delivered by the Self-Esteem Team.  The classes give students a unique insight into the worlds of internet, media, fashion and beauty so that they can negotiate them on their own terms with confidence.
Body Gossip have been teaching self-esteem classes since 2008 and to date have worked with more than 30,000 teenagers in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

"Rock Your Own Brand of Gorgeous!"

Research shows that 70% of girls and 30% of boys aged 11-19 cite their relationship with their body as their 'number one worry'. It also shows that body insecurity prevents young people from raising their hand in class, expressing an opinion, partaking in physical education lessons, or even from turning up to school or college at all.

Testimonials from Students

"You convinced me that loving my body was the only way forward. You really inspired me to be confident". S, 16

Feedback from teachers & families

"You, and your talk, were brilliant yesterday. Thank you so much. Your rapport with the students was wonderful and they were thoroughly engaged throughout.  The topic of you talk is of incredible importance and we will follow up the themes and issues you raised in Pastoral periods over the next two weeks."
Peter Thompson, Teacher, Prior Park School

"Today, my daughter came home and repeated pretty much word-for-word what Natasha had taught her in the Gossip School lesson- And she never usually talks to me about school!"
Parent, Surrey